Journal Diskrepancija – Call for papers (deadline extension)

Dear colleagues,

the editorial of the Club of sociology students’ magazine Diskrepancija would like to invite all interested students to send in their papers to be published in the next issue. The topic of the issue is “War and peace” so, accordingly, some problem areas which we find interesting are suggested below.

War and peace are understood to be two inseparable elements of reality. Peace is often perceived as a time without war, ignoring the processes necessary for its creation and maintenance. With that in mind, we point out the external and internal conditions of creating and maintaining war/peace, which are related to various identities, ideologies and culture as a social practice. We want to pay attention to how technology and globalization have an impact on understanding war and on warfare. Furthermore, it is important to emphasize the economic dimensions of war and warfare, as well as inequalities and contradictions in a global capitalistic system as the cause for armed conflicts or as their consequences. Another interesting aspect is the strengthening of private military companies which are becoming more involved in warfare and peace missions. It is also important to mention migration as a consequence of war and integration as a supposition of peace.

The magazine is interdisciplinary in character, meaning that we are interested in papers by students from other fields (philosophy, politology, history, anthropology, economy, demography, geography, journalism etc.). We will accept papers which haven’t been published in other magazines, and they can be formed as an original scientific paper, professional paper, essay or a review article. We are also extending an invitation for submission of book reviews. Papers which focus on the theme are preferred, but those who deal with other topics related to social sciences and humanities are also accepted.

The extended deadline for sending the texts is the 15th of May, 2016.

Formatting instructions can be found at the last pages of any issue of the magazine or on the Diskrepancija website.

Guidelines for authors and reviewers

The email address for sending the papers, as well as any questions, is

Until next reading,

Your editorial board.