The Symposium Programme

Dear students,

we invite you to come follow and be part of the international symposium organised by the KSSD and others, titled “Risk Society: Rethinking Uncertainties in a Globalised World”!

This time, we have chosen, because of the global turmoil that we see (pandemic, war, ecological threats), to thematise the risk as a social phenomenon, and to reactualise the sociology of risk and uncertainty by that. Also, this time we have, from a programme side, aside from student and professor lectures, decided to introduce extra content – so except 16 lectures, we are preparing panel-discussion about public sanation of the risk caused by the impact of corporations, in the MM centre, which is part of the SC, and the workshop about lobbying in the field of social resistance (form for signup will soon be available), and the symposium includes the movie night aimed towards high-schoolers. You can soon expect more details about all of this on our social media (Facebook: ; Instagram: ).