9. June 2020

About us

From its very foundation, Discrepancy has organized many meetings, discussions, and lectures. However, the first symposium was organized in 2004.

The aim of the symposium, which hasn’t changed since then, is to encourage students to produce papers and works of high quality and to promote critical thinking among students. The symposium allows for young authors to present their contribution in analyzing a wide range of societal phenomena in front of the interested academics and public. The speakers also, after the presentation, get feedback and advice from the audience, allowing them to form their paper for publishing in the journal Discrepancy.

Except for its scientific function, one of the aims of the symposium is also to intensify the cooperation of individuals and associations, for the active engagement in such activities allows for acquiring crucial organizational skills needed to organize events and participate in the management of an association.


Symposiums organized so far:

  • “Power and politics in the 21st century” – 2004
  • “Media and society” – 2007
  • “Urban sociology” – 2009
  • “Students’ protests of 2009: methods, context, and implications” – 2009
  • “Society and technology” – 2011
  • “Approaches to popular culture” – 2013
  • “Society of discrimination” – 2013
  • “Democracy, participation and activism” – 2014
  • “Nature and society: Culture, development and environment” – 2015
  • “Change” – 2016
  • “Urban culture” – 2017
  • “Crimmigration – the criminalization of migration and civil solidarity” – 2018
  • “Us and them – a symposium on nationalism” – 2019