Call for application to the international symposium „Us and Them – a symposium on nationalism“


Sociology Students’ Club Discrepancy invites you to participate in „Us and Them – a symposium on nationalism“


which will be held from 1-5 April 2019 in the conference room (second floor of the library) at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb.


For the last few years we have all been witnesses to a sort of an Indian summer of nationalism. While the 19th and 20th century were marked by the awakening of national consciousness and the creation of independent nation-states, the situation today is substantially different. The „other“ is no longer a stranger ruling „our“ land, but an ordinary man looking for the future and safety „his“ land can’t provide him. Therefore, the nationalists of today are no longer fighting for their own nation, but against someone else’s. The goal is no longer to establish their own state, but to defend its safety against the foreign threath. One of the consequences of this is a „turn to the right“ which was felt by most EU countries in the latest national election. And so it isn’t hard to imagine similar results will occur in the upcoming European Parliament election. What consequences this will have for the „united in diversity“ remains to be determined, which is also one of the goals of this symposium.

Nationalism is a complex phenomenon whose consequences affect various spheres of social life. Nationalism brings with it many questions and dilemmas, and through this symposium we would like to apply an interdisciplinary approach to analyze, describe and understand nationalism, its historical development and today’s forms, as well as to encourage discussion on potential functions and disfunctions of nationalism and its manifest and latenet effects.

The deadline for submissions has been extended to March 1st 2019.

Application for participation:

  • In order to participate in the symposium an application must be filled out. The deadline for sending appilactions and summaries (up to 250 words) is March 1st 2019.
  • Applications are sent to in Croatian or English.
  • The official language of the symposium is Croatian with the possibility of presenting in English.
  • Participation in the symposium is free. Accomodations for presenters will be arranged by SSCD. However, travel expenses are covered by the presenters themselves.
  • *Obrazac za prijavu (Hr)
  • *Obrazac za prijavu (En)
  • For all aditional inquires please contact SSCD at


Range of subjects (with the possibility of expansion):


– NACIONALISM AND MIGRATIONS (acceptance and rejection of migrants connected to nationalism, xenophopia, relationship towards migrants/asylum seekers…)

– NACIONALISM AND RELIGION (retraditionalisation with the help of religion in RH, the creation of national identity throughh religion, the interconnection of identity and religion…)

– NACIONALISM AND URBAN ENVIORMENT (monuments, the empowerment of national identity through intervention in urban enviorment/space – the renaming of streets and squares, the accntuation of flags/national symbols – banal nationalism…)

– NACIONALISM AND DOMESTIC POLICY (institutional nationalism – internalisation of national values, relationship toward minorities, dual, triple and multiple nationalities…)

– NACIONALISM AND EDUCATION (mechanisms of internalisation of national identity through educational system – curriculum, spreading political ideology through education – internalisation of national values…)

– ELEMENTS OF NACIONALISM IN PUBLIC DISCOURSE (in art, science, the media, sport, music, popular culture…)

– NACIONALISM AND GLOBALISATION (glocalisation – solution or problem?, the national order in a global context, cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism…)

– NACIONALISM AND THE INDIVIDUAL (citizen of RH or citizen of EU? the duty of the citizen towards the state… )

– (ANTI)NACIONALIST SOCIAL MOVEMENTS (nacionalism as an element of countercultre as opposed to nationalism as an element of dominant culture…)





It is possible to submit papers which aren’t covered by the aforementioned subject suggestions, but are connected to the symposium subject.

All information regarding the symposium is available on the Facebook page of the event ( and on the SSCD pages (Facebook: and web:

We are looking forward to your papers and participation!