9. June 2020

About us

According to the words of one of the initiators…

…section for methodology and research was founded in the year 2000 as a result of students’ aspiration to gain extra experience in the field of research, methodology, and data analysis aside from the experience they were gaining via statistical practicums and elective courses provided by the curriculum.

Conveyed research projects (so far):

  1. Two public opinion surveys titled “Students’ opinions on some aspects of studying sociology”.
  2. Research on student rights for Students’ attorney
  3. Research on the impression of the first generation of students that had to write the entrance exam ordered by the faculty’s administration.
  4. With the funds obtained through MZOS 2003 public competition, the section surveyed a telephone poll titled “Values and human rights” on a national scale, with a sample of 1000 examinees.
  5. In the same year, for the needs of the Paper of students of Osijek, the section conducted pilot research about bribe and corruption on five faculties in Zagreb.

However, the biggest project that the section was a part of is “Anti-corruption student network in Southeast Europe”, an international project that included 5 countries of Southeast Europe. In Croatia, the main sponsor was Monitor Statistika.

From March 20th, 2018, after a couple of years of inactivity, the section is active again. Currently, it’s conducting a project titled “Evaluation of sociology program at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences”.